Canicross: The Sport for Dog Loving Long Distance Runners – Part 1

Ten years ago I hadn't even heard the term canicross. I don't have a source to site, but  have always assumed it was derived from 'canine' and 'cross-country' (long distance) running. Canicross has a much larger presence in European countries, which I am completely envious of, but it has yet to really get a foothold in [...]

Life of a Husky

I have been meaning to create this for a long time. I have had the delight and privilege of raising many huskies from newborn to adult and it is a fantastical journey which I wanted to document and share, otherwise known as blogging. So we are keeping a black female from Kismet's November 10, 2017 [...]

8 Essential Oils for Dogs

  Whether you're an avid do-it-yourself-er or a dedicated dog owner, there is something appealing about making your own pet products. The handmade marketplace is awesome and a favorite place to find natural pet products. If you're getting into washing products or other things which are applied to a dog's body, then it is imperative [...]